Skills That Can Be Obtained By Taking A Creativity Course

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Skills That Can Be Obtained By Taking A Creativity Course

Since this course was online, we did not have a teacher in front of us every day to help us all the time. Of course we could ask our instructor questions, but it is not like having a teacher there with you. If we encountered a problem, then we had to figure it out ourselves if our instructor was not online. We had to learn to use the tech tools, and think critically on how to make our projects as mature as they can be. If we had technical difficulties, we had to figure out how to get our assignment finished on time. This course taught me how to overcome obstacles, and get my work done on time!

When you take an online course it requires a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure that you meet the assigned due dates in order to avoid point deductions. My instructor was very good about not letting things go. He made sure that if you turned an assignment in late, you would lose five points for each day. We also had to make sure that all of our work was our own. It showed integrity by making the right decisions not to plagiarize.

Being able to use technology efficiently is a major necessity for life. In the modern world, everything requires the use of technology. People would not be able to function without it. Throughout this course, we were required to use technology all the time. We have had to complete modules that employ the use of many tech tools that I have never seen before. I now have knowledge of many websites that I can use in my future endeavors to help me succeed. This course has taught me how to use technology proficiently.

This course has taught me lifetime skills that I will be able to use for forever. I have learned how to use online websites to make things that are unique and creative. My instructor gave us free reign on a few projects where we even created our own rubrics. It increased my self-direction, which will be an asset when I go to college. I learned to take the initiative, without the assistance of others, to create something awesome. I learned more about myself, and what I can handle when it comes to online courses.

Communication and collaboration are important skills that people need to learn. Job interviews and daily activities require you to communicate with others. In this course we had a discussion board where we were allowed to ask other students questions. We could hand out ideas, and we could even help other students on their modules. I even collaborated with a few of my friends on a module. We had to get together and chat in a hangout session. We discussed what our plans for the future were, and it allowed us to learn more about each other and connect.

Creativity and innovation are necessary skills to have if you want to be successful in the modern world. Taking this course has taught me how to think outside of the box, and make decisions that I would not normally make on my own. One thing that was always on our grading rubric was the level of creativity. My instructor did not want any ordinary project. He wanted something with a WOW factor. In order to get a good grade, I had to use my brain to create something original and innovative. We were also assigned modules that required us to choose our topic. If I learned anything in this course, it was how to be creative!

Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills

Lifetime Learning And Self-Direction

Personal Traits: Work Ethic, Responsibility, Integrity, Versatility, And Efficiency

Technological And Media Literacy

Communication And Collaboration

Skills That Can Be Obtained By Taking A Creativity Course

Creativity And Innovation



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