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By Jason Messersmith!Class D246!

Skiing is a winter sport that involves sliding down a mountain with two planks called skis. you are usually carried up the mountain by a ski lift which carries you on a chair to a part of the mountain. Skiing is a popular sport to anywhere that recieves snow. Cross-country skiing is like hiking, but on skis. Infact, there is a chance that you may know someone who likes to ski.

I love skiing! Each winter my family travels to Sunday River Ski Resort to go skiing. I love the feeling of cruising down the mountain. I also think the view at the top of the mountain is beautiful. Sometimes I go off jumps on the trails.

Facts1.Modern skiing has been around for five millennia (5000 years)2.France, Austria, and the US each have around 3000 ski lifts.3.40 US states have ski resorts.4.80 countries offer some sort of ski area.5.There are even accounts of an ancient Norse god of skiing, Ull.

The History of SkiingSkiing has been around for about 4500 years. There are even cave paintings that tell of skiing long before that. The sport became popular around the 1800s. Skis at the time were just two wooden planks with leather straps for your boots. There were also no boots especially made for skiing. Skis back then did not have brakes, so if your ski fell off, it became a dangerous speeding missile that was deadly to anyone below you on the mountain. In around 1850, Sondre Norheim invented safer birch binding ski straps. Modern day skis, like the ones we use today, were invented in 1962. Today, extreme skiers practice the sport on mountains famous for their difficulty. People starting developing ski contests that involved tricks and jumps around 1862. Skiing was also introduced into the olympics in 1924.


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