Ski Jumping

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Ski Jumping

When you ski jump, required supplies are your helmet, jumping suit, gloves, jumping boots, jumping ski, googles, and your binding.

What will you learn?

The Winter Olympics- Ski Jumping

Top 4 Olympic Ski Jumpers from 2010In the top left corner is Gregor Schlierenzauer, from Australia. The top right corner holds a photo of Simon Ammann, from Switerland. Look over to the bottom left, you'll see Finland's Matti Hautamaeki. And last of all, Thomas Morganstern from Australia Stands in the bottom right. Click HERE to read more about these famous skiers.

Look at how high the skiers jump! You can't even see the ramp! Wow!

In Ski Jumping, Skiers ski down a long ramp, and jump when they have reached the bottom. Judges give points for not only the jump itself, but also for style.