skennedyj Border Control in Colorado

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skennedyj Border Control in Colorado

-“They’re using it while they’re driving,” Sheriff Hayward said. “It’s a risk to themselves to drive that way, but it also puts the rest of the motoring public at risk if they’re on the roadway at the same time.”-Sheriff Hayward says most drivers who are caught with weed are pulled over for basic traffic violations like speeding or failing to signal a lane change. But when he walks up to the vehicle, “the smell is just overwhelming when they roll the window down.”

- Form a squad of drug traffic policemen.- Have them post around the state's borders- Stop suspect looking cars- If anybody is caught, have them indicted

Border Control In Colorado

Colorado can solve this problem by having check point for cars as they enter the state and before they leave

.Recently, with the leagalization of marijuana, consumers have been purchasing pot or pot related products and exporting them

Risk Factors


Steps to Solving the Issue

What is the Problem?

How to Solve it

The main risk factor is that the attention will be so focused on trying to stop drug trafficking, that it will ignore other big problems occuring in the state.


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