Skeleton Man Book Report

by missjsmith
Last updated 4 years ago

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Skeleton Man Book Report

Sammy KeyesAnd TheSkeleton Man

In the story Sammy has a enemy, Heather. Heather does not like Sammy either. There battles get worse and worse by time. Sammy heres that Heather is having a party and dresses as a new girl to spy on Heather. Sammy "changes" her name to Nikki to get into Heather's party. At the party Heather was talking rude about Sammy. So a couple days later Sammy goes to school and uses the P.A. system to go all out on Heather.

The main character in the story is Sammy Keyes. When she is out trick or treating she enters the "scariest" house in town and finds a man tied to a chair, wearing a Frankenstein mask. She then decides to take matters into her own hands. From there the story just gets better!

When Sammy enters the mans house she takes off the man's mask and notices that he is a very nice man. After time Sammy and the man become friends. The man's name is Chauncy. Sammy goes around town and finds things that the "skeleton man" took. She finds things at a used store, candles, and mixer. After, Sammy gets the police envolved. The police officer that responded was Officer Borsch. Another person that Sammy does not care for. At the ending of the book the person that was not supposed to be involved found the robber. The Skeleton Man, Mr. Bell.

Heather is rude, you should not be friends with her



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