Skeleton Creek

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Skeleton Creek

Book report

There are two main chatracers in this book.The main one and who was writing the journal is Ryan.Ryan is a teenage boy who has a very uniqe personality.He is very curious and likes to explore things.The other main chacter is sarah. She is the same age as Ryan and has the same type of intrests.She is also very curious and doesnt really follow any rules.The setting is in a small town named Skelton Creek. Skeleton Creek has a very odd group of people which works out with Ryan's and Sarah's Curious side.

Skeleton CreekBy:Patrick Carman

Character and setting

What happened first

First is when Ryan and Sarah hear alot of old tales about a machine in the woods called the dredge. So once they hear that they sneak out of thier houses one night to check it out. They start of by walking through the woods and then they find it. Its a huge machine that used to be used to mine gold.So they start climbing up the side of it.Once they get to the top of it they start to hear weird noises that sounds like metal banging on metal.Then Ryan noticed a shadow type thing.So he saw a ghost and fell off of the machine and blacks out once he hits the ground.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

After that he woke up and relized that he was in a hospital and that he broke his leg in the fall.Once he got home he noticed his parents wernt to upset so he went to try to talk to them and they said that he would not be allowed to see sarah ever agian or they will sell the house and move to the city.So they stated emailing back and forth with out thier parents knowing.

In one of thier emails Sarah said she was gonna go to the dredge and Ryan said that he wanted to go with.So they set it up to where they would stream to thier website because they were not sure if they were gonna make it back so he put the password in his journal and said he doesnt make it back to go on her website and watch the video.Read the book to find out if they make it or not.


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