skeletal system

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skeletal system

Bone Tissues

insects are invertebrates, they have an exoskeleton made of chitin. As inscects grow, they shed their exoskeletons and genereate new ones.This is a shed exoskeleton of a grasshopper

Skeletal System

Bone Cells


compact bone; spongy bone; bone marrow

Individual bone cells are called osteocytes . Osteocytes arrange themselves in a circular haversian sytstem for several functions including strength. Eash dark spot on the slide to the left shows an osteocyte nucleus

Bats are mammals, like us. Thier skeletal system is very similar to ours. notice how thie wing bones of bats are similar to the finger bones in humans!

Without the skeletal system, I'd just be mush!! Bones support muscles so that they can move the body.


The skeletal system protects my organs and is where my blood cells originate! Without the skeletal system, I would be unprotected and ineffetive!


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