Skeletal system

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Human Anatomy

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Skeletal system

Skeletal System

How The Systems Work Together:- The Skeletal System works with the muscular system by providing support to the muscle when they are contracting and allowing the muscles to move as they should.-The Circulatory System uses the bone marrow to help produce red and white blood cells.

Structure of the Skeletal System

MAJOR FUNCTIONS-Give shape to the body and determines height, weight, and other things like size of body parts-Provides support and keeps organs in their designated place -Helps create body movement-Protects vital organs from damage -Bones store minerals that are needed for body functions as well as producing red blood cells by bone marrow

Interesting Facts-There are 206 individual bones that make up the skeletal system-Our bones are made up of complex, living tissues and are also made up of water-Bones are catagorized by there shapes: long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones-The composition and structure of our bones make them extremely strong and resilient compared to their relitavely light weight

Skeletal System Diseases:



Bone Cancer

In bone marrow and results in abnormal, malfunctioning white blood cells which limits the ability to fight infection.

Affects your joints resulting in swelling, stiffness, and joint pain.

Originates within the bones resulting in bone pain, frequent bone fractures, and fatigue.


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