Skeletal System

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Human Anatomy

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Skeletal System

How does the skeletal system help us?Your skeletal system is all of the bones and tissues such as tendons ligaments and cartilage that connects them all together.Your teeth are also considered part of your skeletal system but they are not counted as bones.SupportThe main job for our skeleton is to help support for our body.Without our skeletons our bodies would collapse in a heap.Our skeletons are very strong but light.MovementBones provide the structure for muscles to attach so that our bodies are able to move.Tendons are tight inelastic bands that hold attach muscle to bone.Who has more bones a baby or a adult?Babies have more bones than adults.Once your born you have about 300 bones.As you get older your bones join together.Once your a adult you have 206 bones.What is a bone made of?A typical bone has a outer layer of hard or compact bone.Which is strong and tough.Inside is a spongy layer of bone.In the middle of some bones is jelly-like material called bone marrow.Where new cell are constantly being produced for the blood.


Skeletal System

Skeletal System

5 major functions for the Skeletal System*makes blood cells*shapes and supports the body*moves the body with the muscualar system*protects the interal organs*stores fat cells,calcium,and minerals


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