Skeletal system

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Human Anatomy

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Skeletal system

Skeletal System!

Skeletal system!What is it?

Skeleton Pictures!



My Prediction

What I think will happen?

If we had NO BONES If we had no bones, I think we would not be able to walk and we would just be blobs on the floor not being able to move.

The skeletal system is a system in your body that is made up of over 206 bones to form your skeleton! Without a skeleton, just a tap on your head can damage your brain. That proves that bones are as strong as steel!

Did you know that your bones are actually muscles! Thats right, your bones are harder muscles trying to protect your organs. Learn something new every day!

Your bones are able to store minerals and produce blood cells so you can survive. The bones also help support your body and give it protection. So next time you fall, thank your bones for helping!

Did You Know?

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