Skeletal System

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Human Anatomy

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Skeletal System




Skeletal System

PurposeThe purpose of the Skeletal System is to support, protect, and allow movement in the body. Bones support the body so we are not a pile of skin and are able to stand. Our bones also serve as a protection to vital organs such as our brains and hearts. Muscles are attached to the bone, along with tendons connecting two bones at the joint which let us move.

Function and Structure of Organs Bones- protect and support other organs, store minerals, produce white and red blood cells Cartilage- an important connective tissue that supports the structure of many body parts and functions like ears,nose,etc Ligaments- fiborous tissue thats connects bone to bone, provide stability to joint throughout the body during rest and active movement Tendons- connects muscle to bone, work with muscles to enable rigorous movement

Movable Joints- joints that allow movement (ball-and-socket, pivot, hinge, gliding)Immovable Joints- joints that don't move like bones of the skull

Diseases/DisordersOsteoporosis- the loss of bone tissue, particularly among the elderly. Bone loses calcium, becomes thinner, and may disappear completely Arthritis- damages joints and their surrounding structures

How Does it Work with Other Systems?It works with the Circulatory System because it produces blood cells. The Muscular System also works with it because muscles are attached to bones to help you move.


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