Skeletal System

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Human Anatomy

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Skeletal System

This system is the basis for all the others. It provides protection for indespensable organs and keeps us alive. If there was no skeletal system valuable parts of our bodies could be puntured and injured resulting in possible death. It supports our upper body and provides a secure place for the heart, liver, and lungs.

A broken bone heals stronger than it was before the break.There is actually no evidence that this is true, but in some cases if the fracture or break is worse enough, it may not fully ever heal and break more easily in the future.

Main Bones and their Purpose

The Ribs: They surround and protect your lungs (Lymphatic System) and protect your heart (Cardiovascular System) which enable proper breathing and keep you alive.

The Skeletal System


Cranium: Also know as the skull surrounds and protects your brain (Nervous System).

Spine: The structure and support for your entire back and body, allows you to have good posture (keeps you upright), and is single-handly one of the most important bones in the body.

Femur: The longest, heaviest, and strongest bone in the human body located in the thigh that contributes to your amount of mobility.

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