Six Simple Machines

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Six Simple Machines

Levers are simple machines that have a bar that moves back and forth on a fixed point, called a fulcrum.The one below is a first-class lever which has the force and load on opposite sides of the fulcrum. This gives them a very flexible mechanical advatage.

This last lever is a third-class lever. The force is between the load and fulcrum which gives the lever a mechanical advantage lower that 1.

This is a second-class lever which has the load between the force and load. This gives the lever a mechanical advantage higher that 1.

This is an inclined plane. It is a simple machine that has one of its ends higher up than the other. To determine the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane, divide the length of the ramp by the height of the higher end.

This creaky contraption is a screw. It is the result of an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. The ridges add more grip to the screww, which is why it often replaces nails. The longer the spiral on a screw is and the closer together the threads are, the greater the screw’s mechanical advantage is.

A wheel and axle is a simple machine that consists of two round objects fit between each other. To find the mechanical advantage, divide the radius of the wheel by the radius of the axle.

A pulley consists of a wheel that holds a rope or cable. A pulley can be used to change the direction of a force or to multiply the force of a pull. The more supports a pulley has determines the mechanical advantage of the pulley.


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