Six Basic Principles

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Six Basic Principles

Six Basic Priciples

Popular SovereigntyThis principle states that all power lies within the people. The goverrnement will only opperate with the consent of the governed which is declared by the first three words of the United States Constitution., "We the People."

Limited GovernemntThis principle states that the government is not all powerful and can only use the power given to it by the people. All people in the governement must follow the same laws, meaning no one is above the Constitution.

Federalism The Constitution outlines a federal government where power is evenly distrubuted between the national government and state egovernments. There are laws that impact every state and there are laws that can only affect one state.

Seperation of PowersThe governemnt will also be divided into three branches, legislative to make laws, executive to enforce laws, and judicial to interpret laws and to make sure they are being followed properly.

Checks and BalancesWhile being divides into seperate branches to avoid corruption, a system of checks and balances allows each branch to keep an eye on the others to be sure that they are following the Constitution.

Judicial ReviewAs a part of Checks and Balances, Judicial Review allows the Supreme COurt to make sure that all other branches are following the Constitution.

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