Sitting Bull

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Sitting Bull

1831sitting bull is born in present day south dakota known at the time as "slow"1845 "Slow" counts his first coup and his name is changed to Sitting Bull1852sitting bull becomes a strong heart 1857sitting bull becomes the war chief of the hunkpapa band 1864sitting bull fights his first battle against U.S. troops who are led by General Sully late 1860'sSitting Bull becomes head chief of the lakota nation .1872Sitting bull proves his bravery during the battle of arow creek 1976sitting bull leads his people in the battle of littile bighorn 1881sittting bull surrenders and is sent to fort randall 1885sitting bull travels with the "wild west show"1890sitting bull dies

sitting bull

Sitting bull toured with Buffalo bills wild west show

In sitting bulls life he fought to overcome many obsticles.Some for his peoples rights and others person loss like the loss of his first wife and son.

achievmentssitting bull gained many great acheivmants in his life becoming head chief of the lakota nation becoming war cheif of the hunkpapa band gaining many achievments for bravery in battle, such as... counting coup, strong heart,a midnight strong heart

"I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man to surrender my rifle ."

In a way i wish i could have been alive then to help prevent the horrid events done to the lakota tribe.

sitting bull is famous and most remembered for his bravery in battle, and a great leader , aswell his curtousy


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