Sisters Grimm Review

by MsPohlman
Last updated 7 years ago

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Sisters Grimm Review

Sabrina and Daphne, two sisters, live in a town made up of fairy tale characters. Most kids would love to have Snow White for a teacher and Sleeping Beauty working at the downtown coffee shop, but it is not a dream come true for Sabrina Grimm. Most fairy tale characters (also known as Everafters) know the Grimms as ''fairy tale detectives''. When Sabrina and Daphne's parents got kidnapped when Sabrina was 9, she has to protect herself and 4 year old Daphne in the orphanage from one foster home to the next. When finally they end up with their ''long lost Grandmother,''they figure out that most Everafters are trapped in a magical barrier around the town. In their journeys with their Grandmother, the sisters almost get trampled by a giant, blown up by Rumpelstiltskin,eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, cooked by Baba Yaga, killed by Queen Tatania, and thrown into a river by a ''frog girl''. Will Sabrina and Daphne's parents get woken up from the sleeping spell that the kidnappers put on them? If so, will they remember the sisters? Will they live happily ever after like most fairy tales? Read the Sisters Grimm Book One to find out what happens to Sabrina and Daphne.



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