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Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill of England was born in 1874. He was in the army, and then became a member of government (Parliment) in 1900. During World War 2, he was in charge of England's defense. He became Prime Minister of England in 1940 until 1945. Queen Elizabeth II made him a Knight (Sir) in 1953. He received lots of other awards, but he also became an honoray citizen of the United States in 1963.Churchill started writing articles about various wars in 1898. By 1900, he published his only novel (Savrola). Next, he wrote a biography of his father who was 45 when he died (Churchill was 21). He wrote other biographies. He also wrote about his experiences in World War 2, and he won a Nobel Prize for it. He wrote many, many famous speeches that were also put into books. Churchill was also a gifted amateur painter.Churchill had 5 kids with his wife, Clementine, who he married in 1908. He died in January of 1965 at the age of 90. He had the largest state funeral in world history.


1874: Churchill is born1894: Graduates from military college.1895: His dad dies at age 45. Churchill thinks he will also die young and decides to live his life to the fullest.1900: Churchill wins seat in Parliment for first time.1908: He marries Clementine Hozier. They will have 5 kids.1940: Churchill is Prime Minister for the first time. This is during World War 2. England had declared war on Germany.1941: Churchill stays at White House to plan war strategy with President Roosevelt.1945: Germany has been defeated in the war. He attends Yalta Conference to talk about Europe after the war. He also loses election for Prime Minster.1951: He is elected Prime Minister again.1953:He wins Nobel Prize for his writing.1955: Churchill retires as Prime Minister because of his strokes.1965: Churchill dies.

Sir Churchill was a British military leader and politician. He served 2 terms as Prime Minister and is remembered for his leadership in World War 2. He was also the author of many books and is a Nobel Prize winner.I think that Sir Churchill had to be good at making strategies because he was a great leader in the war. I think I am also good at planning strategies most of the time when playing video games and chess.

Lasting Impact

Sir Churchill helped win World War 2. He also helped make the United Nations.


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Sir WinstonChurchill



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