Sir William Ramsay

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Sir William Ramsay

FACTSBorn: October 2, 1852, Glasgow, UKDied: July 23, 1916, High Wyvombe, UKFamily: Married Margaret and had one son and one daughter.Recriation: Languages and travelling

Sir William Ramsay




1894- The discovery of Argon is announced with fellow scientist John William Strutt1895- Ramsay discovers helium1903- The detection of helium in the emanations of radium

Ramsay was awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1904. He was awarded it in recognition of his services in the discovery of the inert gaseous elements in air.

Sir William Ramsay is known for noble gas. He discovered Argon, Krypton, and Neon. He addended the University of Glasgow.

Important scientist that have helped with the founding of the Periodic Law: Dmitri MendeleevHenry MoseleyJohn NewlandsGlen SeaborgJohn William Strutt

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Sir WIlliam Ramsay


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His Battle

Sadly Ramsay was battling cancer. And he soon lost his battle against cancer in 1916. But he sure did put up a fight.


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