Sir Walter Raleigh

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Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh

By: Ahmed Zaky, Nashira Brown, Marisa Ahrens

Lost her favor by marrying one of her maids-of-honor Betty ThrockmortonShe became very jealous of thisShe threw the newlyweds both in jailImprisoned in 1592 at the tower of London

One of queen Elizabeth I favoritesShe trusted him with the colonizing of America

After he was released, he tried to reconcile his relationship with the queenShe forgave him when he went on an expedition to spain and came back with a large amount of treasure

Sir Walter Raleigh was born on January 22, 1552 maybe 1554 in Hayes Barton, Devon England to a wealthy family. Sir Walter had four half brothers including Humpherey Gilbert. Sir walter cousin was Sir Richard Grenville. Sir walter was a famous adventurer,courtier, poet and author.

Sir Walter Raleigh had made tobacco very popular in England. Raleigh had brought Virginia tobacco to Europe and made smoking very common. Raleigh introduced the tobacco as "tobah". Sir Walter Raleigh had attempted to make the first colony in North Carolina but it did not work out because the colony failed.

Sir Walter Raleigh first came to the attention of Queen Elizabeth after had gone to Ireland to deal with an up rise. Raleigh had been appointed to be the queen’s guard on 1587.He soon became a member of parliament

James and Sarmiento, the Spanish ambassador, wanted him tried on a charge of piracy, but since he was already under a sentence of death, a new trial was not possible. His execution would have to proceed from the charge of treason of 1603. James agreed to this course, and Raleigh was beheaded on October 29, 1618.

Raleigh dedicated his monumental "History of the World," written during this period of imprisonment, to the prince. Henry protested Raleigh's continued imprisonment but died before he could effect his release.

After James I took the throne, Raleigh was dismissed from his posts and forced out of his London house. Soon after, he was falsely connected to a plot against the king and was once again sentenced to the Tower, where he attempted to kill himself. Raleigh was sentenced to death, a sentence that would later be dropped. He was imprisoned for thirteen years.


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