[2015] Autumn Herrington: Sir Walter Raleigh

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[2015] Autumn Herrington: Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh






What he found Sir Walter Raleigh found a colony near Roanoke Island ( now known as Virginia). Sir Walter Raleigh discovered it for England. Then later imprisoned soon after his discovery.

Sir Walter Raleigh sends colonists to the island he found.

Sir Walter Raleigh is born

Sir Walter Raleigh first voyage

. Raleigh was framed in a conspiracy against King James, and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Tower

Sir Walter Raleigh dies

Sir Walter Raleigh's colonists and made an island with land, food, and people (above)

Sir Walter Raleigh's map route

Sir Walter Raleigh facts1. Sir Walter Raleigh was knighted by the queen2. He Lived to be 683. He sailed with his half brother on his voyage for new land.4. He got imprisoned for life after his voyage5. He found an island while searching for something else.

DiscoverySir Walter Raleigh's discovery was important because he ended up fining land and did not give up when almost failing his first mission he kept going.

What he was looking forSir Walter Raleigh wanted to find land in the Americas. He accomplished that by claiming area in what is known today as Florida.

SponsersSir Walter Raleigh's sponser to pay for his expedition was Queen Elizabeth. He later sailed with the money to get a boat and later claimed land.

Birth and DeathSir Walter Raleigh was born in 1553 aand later died on October 29, 1618 being killed in prison from a later king that came after Queen Elizabeth



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