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Sir Walter R Project

Sir Walter Raleigh (Jake Elgrably, Priscille Myrthil, Mos Neammanee )

Sea Dog, Sir Walter Raleigh was a famous explorer. He established a colony in the Americas which is now known as Virginia. He was later put to death by James I for treason. One of Raleigh's greatest trait was that was he multi-talented being; he was more than just a great explorer. Although many of his work was destroyed, he was a highly talented writer and scholar. He lived to also become a philosopher, a poet, a soldier, and dutiful subject of Queen Elizabeth I, whom many people believed he was in love with despite courting Lady Beth Throckmorton. After a fall out with King James, Raleigh was sentenced to death for treason, but instead received 13 years in jail. Walter was imprisoned in the tower of london on july of 1603. After his release he was sent on an expedition to Guiana in search for El Dorado the supposed land of gold. His failure lead to his execution in 1618.

- Attended Oxford. (1574)- Founded the Roanoke colonies (virginia) (1584)- Knighted by queen elizabeth(1858) - Executed (beheaded)(1618)

During his lifetime Sir Walter Raleigh had founded three voyages and taken many other trips through the seas, thus earning the name Sea Dogs. His expeditions were very influential to the people around him, especially to Shakespeare. His expeditions were mentioned in several of Shakespeare’s works such as Othello, The Merry Wives of Windsor, All’s Well Ends Well, Merchant of Venice, Love’s Labours Lost, As You Like It, and The Tempest. A few of Raleigh’s adapted poems were even found in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Merchant of Venice.

Raleigh, NC

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Sir Raleigh who established the lost Roanoke Colony in present-day Dare County, North Carolina, had the capital named after him.

Walter's Influence

- Walter Raleigh spelled his surname Rauley or Rauleygh. He then changed it to Ralegh. He never spelled it Raleigh, which is how it is spelled today.- Raleigh named Virginia after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth.- Many people believed that Raleigh had been in love with Queen Elizabeth- After his beheading, Raleigh's wife, Bess Raleigh had his head embalmed and carried it around with her.- He was buried with his favourite pipe and a tin of tobacco.

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