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Sir Thomas More

Sir Thomas More was born in London on either Febuary 6th or 7th. He studied at Oxfored University. In 1494 he started his legal career and then in 1510 he became the Undersheriff of London. In 1518 he went into the service of King Henery VIII as an ambassador and royal councilor. In 1521 King Henery VIII kighted Thomas More, Sir Thomas More. He was lord chancellor from 1529 to 1532. King Henery VIII wanted to make the English church and become the head of it, but More refused to sign the Oath of Supremacy. In July 6 1534 Sir Henery was imprisoned. Then in July 6, 1535 Sir Thomas More was beheaded. In 1935 the Roman Catholic Church declared him a saint. In 2000 the church named More parton saint of statesmen and politicans. Sir Thomas More was a English author, a statesman, and scholar


- Sir Thomas More was born in London on Febuary 6 or 7th. - He studied at Oxford University and in 1494 he started his legal career and became the Under Sheriff in 1510. - in 1521 King Henery VIII knighted Thomas More and made him treasurer. - On April 1534 More was imprisoned for not taking the Oath of Supremacy that stated that King Henery VIII was of higher royalty than any other ruler including the Pope. - Sir Thomas More was beheaded on July 6 1535.

More's philosophy is best shown in Utopia which was written in Latin in 1516. Utopia is an account of an ideal society, with justice and equality for all citizens. This gave the word utopia to European languages. More also made many English and Latin prose and poetry. He wrote his finest English work, A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation, while in prison. His other works include The History of King Richard III and was possibley written in English in 1513? He also wrote a series of writings in Latin in which he defended the church against Protestant attacks.

Lasting Impact

Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia. A Utopia is a perfect world where everyone is equal. This is a influence to certain types of government.


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Sir Thomas More



Sir Thomas More: A brief Animation by Donald Kelly


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