Sir Thomas More

by drohlmeier
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Language Arts

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Sir Thomas More

Born on Febuary 7,14781516- Wrote a book called utopia and was based upon a country where crime and poverty didnt excist1510~1518- Was considered one of the two under sheriffs of London1521- Became knighted by Henry the VIII when sent for diplomatic missions1529- Had tooken the role of lord chancellor for Duchy of Lancastor1535- Was accused of denouncing the king's title as the head of church in England and was behaded 3 years laterDied on July 6, 1538

Sir Thomas More

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Reformation: Religious

1) Became the speacker for the house of commons. 2) was catholic and the reformation was against catholics. 3) He opposed Martin Luther of germany when he tried to reform the church. 4) He argued againts the king's marriage 5) Was the strongest foes of reformation



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