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Sir Richard Pratt

Richard Pratt was born 0n 10 December 1934 in Gdansk or Danzig in Poland. Richard Pratt immigrated to Australia in 1938 and settled in to Shepparton, Victoria.He Changed his name from Ryszard Przecicki to Richard Pratt to sound more like an English name. Richard Pratt was educated at Grahamvale Primary School, Shepparton High School and University High School and after this enrolled in a bachelor degree at the University of Melbourne in 1953.Richard Pratt was a salesman for the family business, Visy Board. After touring as an actor in London and New York in 1957 with the production of Ray Lawler's 'Summer of the Seventeenth Doll', he returned to Melbourne and Visy. Following the death of his father Leon in February 1969 Richard Pratt took over his father's business and under Pratt’s direction, Visy expanded from two factories in Melbourne to more than fifty-five plants across Australia, United States, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. From cardboard boxes and packaging, Visy moved into waste paper recycling. Later in the 1990s Pratt expanded his operations considerably into the New York waste paper business.After Richard Pratt's battle with cancer, he died at his Kew residence on 28 April 2009.


1953-awarded the Morrish Medal for being the "best and fairest" U-19 player 1985-appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia2007- awarded the Woodrow Wilson Medal for Corporate Citizenship

Lasting Impact

Sir Richard Pratt


1934 - Richard Pratt was born1938 - Immigrated to Australia 1953-awarded the Morrish Medal for being the "best and fairest" U-19 player 1957 - In 'Summer of the Seventeenth doll' as an actor1969 - Took over Visyboard business2009 - Died from Cancer

Sir Richard Pratt contributed to Australia as an actor, a businessman and as chairman of the privately owned company Visyboard Industries, and was involved in sport as he was President of the Carlton Football Club.

Carlton Football Club Match Worn and signed Richard Pratt in 2013Price of Jersey: $925.00

Foundation Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology, President of the Victorian Arts Centre Trust, and Chairman of the Board of Management of the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria.


Richard Pratt and his wife, Jeanne Pratt

By Bridgette Watkins


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