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Sir Richard Francis Burton glog

Sir Richard Francis Burton

Burton's jobs were a spy, author, linguist, soldier, and of course an explorer.

Burton was born on March 29, 1821 in Torquay, Devonshire, Italy.

When he was in school he wasn't very good. Because of that he was kicked out of college in 1842. After college he joined the army and became an officer.

After he was an officer he became a spy because he was very good at disguising himself. He reported on what he saw.

Then he became an explorer and went with 3 other men to Africa to find where the Nile River began.

They were the first Europeans to see Lake Tangankiya. While they were exploring, Africans attacked the men. Burton was very injured when a spear went through his jaw. The other men were very hurt too but still able to explore.

Burton got sick with malaria. So he couldn't travel anymore. The men went on without him and found Lake Victoria. They thought that was where the Nile River began. Burton and the men were not the people to find the start of the Nile, though.

When Burton got better, he translated books from the East and wrote many books about his adventures.

In 1890 Burton died from a heart attack. His wife burned his journals. Students were sad for the loss of the great explorer. He left his notes to help explorers who explored Africa.

By Sari Eisen



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