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Sir Lancelot

5 extra facts + Because of his sins he was never see the holy grail.+Lancelot has an illegitimate half-brother named Hector de Maris from his father King Benoic and Lady of Maris+Sir Lancelot is tricked by Elaine of Astolot who gives birth to his son Galahad the onw who finally gets to see the grail.+ Lancelot is a descendant of the King David of Israel's bloodline.+Malory wrote over 300 stories about Lancelot after the deathe of Chretian de Troyes

Powers ' AbilitiesSir Lancelot has no magical powers per se, but he is the prime example of a knight in shining armor. His most prominent trait in all versions of his stories is his strength and saintliness if not for his forbidden affair with Queen Guinevere.

ElementSir Lancelot's nickname is Sir Lancelot du Lac which translates to Lancelot of the Lake. When Lancelot was a wee babe he was left behind near a lake by his parents, Queen Elaine and King Ban of Benwick, who had christened him with the name Gallahad. However he is more well know under his confirmation name Lancelot. The Lady of the Lake raised him in her kingdom and he entered the human world at age 15-18.

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot's relation to King Arthur King Arthur met Sir Lancelot on his journey to Camelot. He challenged King Arthur to a duel and then later they became best friends. Sir Lancelot then became one of King Arthur's most beloved knights but he is most well-know for his love affair with Queen Guinevere.

Medieval Quality"Sir Lancelot is known as both the greatest and the worst of the knights at the court of King Arthur" -AnonymousIf not for his betrayal his medieval quality would be nobility. He was known to be chilvarous on his many adventures where helped people.

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DescriptionSir Lancelot is the creation of Chrétien de Troyes, a French author who was inspired by the earlier stories about King Arthur. His first appearance was during "The Knight and the Cart" by Chrétian de Troyes where he is of a lower rank than Sir Gawain but is described as the most chilvarous and skilled knight in Camelot.


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