Sir Ken Robinson Ed. Revolution

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Sir Ken Robinson Ed. Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson

People are often afraid of what they have to change. Clearly, though, our education model needs changing. Perhaps by using words like "newform" instead of "reform" we can get more stakeholders on board with educational shifts instead of trying to fix a broken model. Our country's young minds need nourishing and Sir Robinson makes a tremendous amount of sense in his TEDTalk video. We need to shift our thinking from the linear industrial .

We have built our education on the 'Fast Food model' - it is impoverishing our spirit and energy as much as fast food is depleting our bodies.

Why Change?

Bring on the Education Revolution ...

What I think...

The problems in education were LINEAR thinking and CONFORMITY. Original thinking cannot occur when we continue down the same path.By supporting creative minds we are raising critical thinkers.


"technologies, combined with the extraordinary talents of teachers, provide an opportunity to revolutionize education. And I urge you to get involved in it because it's vital, not just to ourselves, but to the future of our children. But we have to change from the industrial model to an agricultural model, where each school can be flourishing tomorrow. That's where children experience life. Or at home, if that's what they choose, to be educated with their families or friends."

When minds are young and seeking stimuli, it is time to recognize TALENT and PASSION. Learning can be individualized through creative learning opportunities and even assessed in similar scenarios.

One of the real challenges is to innovate fundamentally in education. Innovation is hard, because it means doing something that people don't find very easy, for the most part. It means challenging what we take for granted, things that we think are obvious. The great problem for reform or transformation is the tyranny of common sense. Things that people think, "It can't be done differently, that's how it's done."



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