Sir John Harrington

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Sir John Harrington

Sir John Harington was born 4 August 1561 at Kelston, somerset, England. He died 20 November 1612 at the age of 51. Sir John Harinton got married to Mary Rogers on 6 September 1583. He bacame a prominenet member of Queen Elizabeth's 1'st court, and was known as her "Saucy Godson". Although he had studied the law, Harington was attracted early in life to the royal court, where his free-spoken attitude and poetry gained Elizabeths attention. His attempt of the translation of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso caused his banishment from court for some years. Angered by the raciness of his translations the Queen told Harinrton that he was to leave and not return until he had translated the entire poem. Sir John Harington completed the translation of the poem in 1591.

The Flushing Tiolet

The flushing tiolet is something we use everyday when we are at school at a public place or at home.we all have to tank Sir John Harington for his invention if not we would have not been as hygenic as we are now.Modern toilets consist of a bowl fitted with a hinged seat and are connected to a waste pipe where waste is flushed.

Lasting Impact

The most important thing that Sir John Harington invented was the flushing tiolet, and the translation of Ariosto's Orlando Furiso which is used mostly in english in this generation and for english people.


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Sir John Harington.



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