Sir Humphry Davy

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Inventors and Inventions

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Sir Humphry Davy

In 1798 he got a position at Thomas Beddoes's Pneumatic Instituion.

Davy contributed to the discoveries of iodine and chlorine.

He invented the Davy lamp which was a mojor invention that helped miners work safely in close contact with flammable gases.

He was made the president of the Royal Society from 1820 and 1827.

Sir Humphry Davy was born on December 17, 1778.He died on May 29, 1829.

Was an apprentice to an apothecary surgeon.Davy taught himself many subjects including theology and philosophy, poetics, seven languages, and several sciences, including chemistry.

Davy was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England.Had one brother named John Davy.

Davy also discovered the element boron by heating borax with potassium.

Humphry Davy received many awards and honors that include the Copley Award, the Royal Society's Royal Medal. He was also knighted in 1812 and was made a baronet in 1818.

He was known as th father of electrolysis because he concluded that the production of electricity in simple electrolytic cells resulted from chemical action.

Sir Humphry Davy


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