[2014] Faith Perkins: Sir Humphrey Gilbert

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[2014] Faith Perkins: Sir Humphrey Gilbert

Sir HumphreyGilbert

The Azores

All about Sir Humphrey Gilbert

Birth: Compton, England in 1539. (Day and month in unknown)Death: September 9, 1583 at sea near the Azores. Gilbert was aboard the HMS Squirrel when it sunk. Died at 44 years of age.

InterestingsFacts1. Gilbert's father died in 1547. His mother's name was Katherine Champernowne.2. Gilbert had two brothers named John Gilbert and Adrian Gilbert.3. Gilbert had many careers such as politician, soldier, and explorer.

In Gilbert's life, he went on two voyages. His first voyage was sponsored by Queen Elizebeth, and his second voyage was sponsored by his brother and himself. Gilbert explored St. John's Newfoundland and founded the colony of Newfoundland. Sir Humphrey Gilbert's purpose for exploring was that he was extremely interested in finding a North Westerly passage to China. When exploring, Gilbert had to overcome many obstacles such as boats turning back because of sickness, and boats leaking. Sir Humphrey Gilbert is famous for Establishing St. John's colony in Newfoundland in 1583.

Gilbert explored St. John's Newfoundland

Gilbert's major accomplishments in his life were finding Newfoundland, and claiming it. Also, after many tries, he finally makes it somewhere to explore without turning around. Back then, it was much harder sailing across the sea because they didn't have the technology we use today. Furthermore, our boats are much easier and more usefull than the wooden boats in the 1500's.


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