[2014] Ben D: Sir Guy Carleton

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[2014] Ben D: Sir Guy Carleton

Guy Carleton was born on September 3, 1724, in Strabane County, Tyrone, Ireland. He was the son of Christopher Carleton who died when Guy was only 14. On May 21, 1742, he was given a job as an Ensing in Lord Ruthes's 25th Foot Regiment. In 1747 he led a group of men and fought in the Austrian War of Succession. In 1757 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and led the 72nd Foot. In 1759 he accompanied James Wolfe as a Quartermaster General on an expedition against Quebec. During that expedition, he was wounded at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. He also fought in the Seven Years War and The American War of Independence. In 1766, he was promoted to Lieutenant Governer of Quebec. On May 22nd, 1772, he married Maria Howard. Three days later, he was promoted to Major General and hepled pass the Quebec Act. In 1776 he retired. After a long successful life, he died on November 10th, 1808.


1724 - Born1742 - Enlisted in Lord Ruthes's Regiment1747 - Fought in War of Austrian Succession1757 - Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel1766 - Lieutenant Governor of Quebec1772 - Married Maria Howard1808 - Died

There are several accomplish-ments that Sir Guy Carleton achieved. First, he helped pass the Quebec Act. Second, he fought in the war of the Austrian Succession, the war of American Independence, and The seven Years war where he led groups of soldiers. Finally, he became Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.

Lasting Impact

He helped pass the Quebec Act which helped set out how Quebec was to be governed.


Sir Guy Carleton







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