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Sir Gustav Nossal

Nossal's family decided to put him in school at St Aloysius' College . He was awarded Dux of jounor and seinor school and then was offered a scholarship to study medicine at the University of Sydney. In 1954 Nossal moved to Melbourne to work with Macfarlane Burnet. In 1960 Nossal recived a PHD and in 2000 he was named Australian of the year.

Sir Gustav Nossal was born in Austria on the 4th of june, 1931, just before WW2 was declared. In 1938 Sir Gustav Nossal and his family had to move because he was part jewish and so he could have been put in a concernttion camp. They left on a ship called 'Mercur' . When Sir Gustav Nossal arrived in Sydney his whole life changed...

Coming to Australia

Sir Gustav Nossal

What did he do?

When Sir Gustav Nossal arrived at Circlur Quay in Sydney the weather was alot warmer then it was in Austria , the laugue was very strange and he didn't understand anything and so this made it very hard to learn at school. He felt quite unconfutable.

Life in Australia

Facts 1959 to 1961 he was Assistant Professor of Genetics at Stanford UniversityIn 1968 he spent one year at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and in 1976 he was a Special Consultant to the World Health Organisation.

Sir gustav Nossal has now relired from medicine but is still very inspired by the way that it works. He is 84 now and still inspires young children and people to do the amazing things that he did and the amazing ways he thought to solve a problem.

interview with Sir Gustav Nossal

His life now


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