[2015] Aimee Zhang: Sir Fransis Drake

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[2015] Aimee Zhang: Sir Fransis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Franicis Drake is born in Tavistock, Devon in 1540. He died at sea on his final voyage in January 28th 1596. But during that time when he died he already had dysenery and was suffering from that.

Death and Birth Date

1579Drake sails all the way across the Pacifc Ocean!!

1540 Sir Fransic Drake is born in Tavistock, Devon.

1596Drake died which his men put him in the ocean which he floated down and down

1581Drake is kighted by Queen Elizabeth on Drake's ship!!

1567Drake sails with John Hawkins to the New Wrold where they were trapped by the Spanish which killed 500 English men.

What did Sir Francis Drake discover and why is it important?Sir Francis Drrake explored and discoverd about how he circumnavigated the globe, determined Boonke settlers. This is an important to discover and explore because many English explorers wanted the know about this but many did not have success and it has been a big question to Europe.

Who paid for Sir Francis Drake's expedition?Sir Francis Drake is in service for Engalnd and so England, Queen Elizibeth the first paid for Sir Francis Drake's expeditions.

What was Sir Francis Drake looking for?Sir Francis Drake was looking forward to claim land for England, and to break Spain;s rule of the oceans. He also wanted to get a lot of riches including gold, silver, and many ships. His goal though was to find out if Tierra del Fuego is a island or a large continent.

Fun Facts:.Drake hireda slave named Diego and together they captured several ships..Queen Elizabth was very happy she had such a great explorer thatshe kighted Drake on his ship..He was the first English explorer to explore the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the south of the Alantic Ocean..Drakedied and was buried at sea floating down the sea..Sir Francis Drake maired twice and had no children.


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