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Sir Frank Whittle

Sir Frank WhittleInventor of the Jet Engine

The Frist Jet Engine

Interesting Facts -Sir Frank Whittle was an English aviation engineer and pilot.- His dad was a mechanic.- The young RAF(Royal Air Force) officer was only 22 when he first thought to use a gas turbine engine to power an airplane.- As a cadet Whittle had written a thesis arguing that planes would need to fly at high altitudes, where air resistance is much lower, in order to achieve long ranges and high speeds.- He was knighted in 1948, and went to work in the US shortly afterwards, becoming a research professor at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. - During 10 hours of flying over the next few days, the experimental aircraft achieved a top speed of 370 mph at 25,000 ft. This was faster than the Spitfire, or any other conventional propeller-driven machine (flown by Gerry Sayer) - After Sir Frank WHittle attended a local school, he went on to higher education at Leamington College.- As a child, Frank spent hours in the library reading about astronomy, physiology and engineering- Franks first attempts to join the Royal Air Force failed because his diminutive stature.- Mr. Whittle soon qualified as a pilot at the RAF College in Cranwell-British government eventually atoned for their earlier neglect by granting Sir Frank Whittle a tax-free gift of £100,000.

Time Line of Events1907~ Sir Frank Whittle was born1928~ joined RAF (Royal Air Force)1929~ Whittle concidered using a fan enclosed in the fuselage to generate a fast flow of air to propel a plane at high altitude1930~ married Dorothy Mary Lee; they had two sons~ In January Frank persists his research on his own initiative and received his first patent on turbojet propulsion1931-32~ served as test pilot 1934-37~ pursued futher studies at the RAF engineering school and at the University of Cambridge1939~ July 7th the firm of Power Jets Ltd., with which Whittle was associated, received a contract known as the W11940~ In Febuary the Gloster Aircraft Company was chosen to develop the aircraft to be powered by the W1 engine/the Pioneer 1941~ On May 15 the first historic flight of the Pioneer took place with Flight Lieutenant P.E.G. Sayers pilot1942~ In October Americans and their XP-59A Airacomet was airborn1948~ Sir Frank Whittle retired from the RAF with the rank of air commodore 1953~ his book Jet; The Story of a Pioneer was published 1976~ Whittle settled in America and was a member of athe Faculty of the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. Also, his marriage was dissolved and that same year he got married to Hazel Hall1977~ Frank became a research professor at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis,Maryland1981~ Sir Frank Whittle published another book called; Gas Turbine Aero - Thermodynamics1996~ Sir Frank Whittle died at age 89 on Aug. 8 1996, Columbia, Md., U.S.

Sir Frank Whittle with a Model of the 1st Jet Engine

Sir Frank Whittle

Sir Frank Whittle


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