Sir Francis Drake

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 Sir Francis Drake

Francis Drake acoplishdped to find new land. His biggest accomplishment is that he defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Francis Drake began his journey at Plymouth,England in 1567. Francis Drake whent on his journey because he wanted to find newland,and also wanted to find the Dominican Republic. The countries,regions,and bodies of water Francis Drake went through are Estenia,Denmark norther sea,Atlantic Ocean,northern Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Francis Drake ended up going to the Carabian Island and the west of Asia. Francis Drake's journey was so important because he could find new trading routies and new land. Francis Drake died on January 28,1596 because of a fever called bloody flux.


Francis drake was from Tavistock,Devonshire,Englend. He was born in c.1514. He died on January 28,1596 of a varry bad fever.

Lasting Impact

Francis Drake traveled around the world and many people got inspired to try to travel around the world.Also Francis Drake ran into the spaniards and killed most of them. Theses are his lasting impacts.


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Sir Francis Drake



Francis Drake


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