Sir Francis Drake

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Sir Francis Drake

Social Studies!

Francis Drake was born on c1540 In a small town called Tavistock, which is in Devon,England. He stayed there until he started his exploring career. He was the eldest of 12 sons and his father, Edmund Drake, was a farmer. (We dont know the mothers name Just that she was in the Mylwale family) .

His Pattron was a man named Christopher Hatton. He gave Drake the ship called the "Pelican" but after Drake named it "The Golden Hind" In Honor of Hatton's death. Later on Queen Eizabteth funded drakes voyage from 1577-1580

Who was his Patron?

Sir Francis Drake!

Early Life Of Sir Francis Drake

Yes, Sir Francs Drake did deal with mutiny on board in 1577 when he started to go around the world. The terrible weather caused the crew to have a mutiny The main leader was Thomas Doughty who was charged by drake for mutiny and treason. He was later executed.

Did Sir Francis Drake Deal With Mutiny?

Yes, Sir Francis Drake Had Encouters with the Coastal Miwok when he was exploring what is now San Franciso Bay. But they did not exchange goods or anything.`

Sir Francis Drake's voyage from 1577-1580 in "The Golden Hind" around the world was the most famous of his voyages. He was the first Englishman to do so. Drakes trip helped draw a better picture of the geography around the world. Drake discovered that Tierra del Fuego, the land seen to the south of the Magellan Strait, was not part of a southern continent as had been believed previously. The Queen awarded him with £ 10000. (Thats TONS Back then!) She also gave him a knighthood.


Most Famous Voyage.

This is a map of sir francis drakes routearound the world. he started from europe


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