Sir Francis Drake

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Sir Francis Drake

> Sir Francis Drake was involved in piracy and illict slave trading.>He was classified as a privateer for England, which means he was basically a pirate but under the protection of the crown.>The Spanish King Phlillip II offered a reward of 20,000 ducats (around 6.5 million USD) for Sir Francis Drake's head.>In Spain he was known as El Draque (the dragon).>In his lifetime he made a profit of a whopping 126 million USD.>His ship was originally named the Pelican but he renamed it the Golden Hind.>He became a Mayor and a member for parliment and eventually bought Buckland Abbey.>He is so revered in England he has his own fan club called the Drake exploration society.

> Sir Francis Drake was born in 1540 in Tavistock, Devon, England.He was the eldest of twelve sons of Edmund Drake.> The Drake family was forced to flee Devon to Kent because of the Prayer Book Rebellion.>He started working on and around ships at the tender age of ten.>At the age of 23 he made his first voyage to the Americas with his cousin Sir Hawkins.>5 years later on another voyage with Hawkins they were trapped in the Mexican port of San Juan de Ulua by the Spanish>Hawkins and Drake escaped while 500 of their men died.

Early Life

Notable Events

> In 1577 Sir Francis Drake became the second person to circumnavigate the globe.>After returning to England he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I.>In the 1560s he was given command of his first ship.>In 1581 he became the mayor of Plymouth.>In 1584-85 he became a member of parliment for Plymouth in Her Majesty's royal court.>He defeated the Spanish Armarda at Cadiz in 1587 thus preventing a Spanish invasion of England.>On the 28th of January 1596, aged 64, Sir Francis Drake died of dysentry on the return from Panama City.

Sir Francis Drake

Interesting Facts


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According to the Drake exploration society Sir Drake and william shakespeare would have more than likely crossd paths in plymouth whilst shakespeare eas touring his play Richard III


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