Sir Francis Drake

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Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

1. Sir Francis Drake was born on year of 1540 in a town in England called Devon. He was born in a small cottage made up of tree braches. His dad was a farmer and he want him to join the family farm. He was the oldest of 12. He traded for slaves.He lead the second exploration around the world, it took him and his men 3 years for them to do it. He married Mary Newman in 1569, he had 5 boys and 2 girls. He was knighted at the age of 40 by Queen Elizabeth. He died in 1596 by the bay of Panama.

2. The purpose of his jounurney was to make trade routes for slaves and suplies. He did most of his trades with Asia. The country that sponsered was England (QueenElizabeth). The route of his journey across the world was he started in England wentAround South America, around the west coast ofNorth America, then went around the island of Asia,around Africa and back to England. During his exploration he traveled by ships around the world.One or his ships was The Golden Hide. He defeatedthe Spanish Armada when he was on his exploration. These things were importent because England didnot have some of the stuff other countrys have

3. Sir Francis Drake meet with a native American tribe called the Miwok. He had better utilites than the miwok, he hade better clothing, he had guns the Miwok hadbow and arrows. He had cooperation with his men on his ship and the Miwok tribe, they thought of him as a god. He had a conflicted with the Spanish, than they had a war and Sir Francis Drake and his men defeated the Spanish. He traded to get slaves. Most of the people he encountered were Native American tribes. He traded guns and other hunting weapons with the Miwoks.4. He was a hero to England because he defeted the Spanish and the first English explorer to sail around the world. The problem for the other countiers was that he was a pirate so he stoll there gold food and other valuable stuff. The Spanish called him EL Draque, it means The Dragon. His last robbery was was in Guatulco, Mexico, he robbed a poorly defended settlement.

Hello i'm Sir Francis Drake


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