[2015] Abigail Bedenbaugh: Sir Francis Drake

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[2015] Abigail Bedenbaugh: Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

LifeSir Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon, England . People aren't exactly sure what year he was born. However, we do know that he was the oldest of twelve children. His dad was Edmund Drake, and his mother was Mary Mylwaye. Francis, as well as his family, moved into the town of Kent in 1549. They did this because their family faced religious persecution, or being singled out because of their religious beliefs. Twenty years later, in 1569, he married Mary Newman. However, this marriage didn'st last long, as she died just twelve years later. In 1596, Francis died from an infection. In 1585, he married again, this time to Elizabeth Sydenham. For more on Drake's life, visit http://mrnussbaum.com/explorers/drake/.

When Francis Drake was just twenty three, he made his first journey. It was to the Americas. In 1568, he made another journey, but this time the people he was traveling with got caught in a Mexican port. He promised himself that he would get revenge on the people who captured his traveling mates. 1572 was the year that Francis Drake set off on his own. On this voyage, he planned an attack on a Spanish Island. This was par tof the revenge that he planned against the people who took his crew. In 1573, he joined another explorer in another attack. This attack was a success.


LegacyFrancis Drake is probably best known as being the second person to circumnavigate the Earth, the first being the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan. In 1577, Queen Elizabteh I of England sent Drake on an expedition against the Spanish. He set sail on December 13, 1577. The journey proved to be difficult, but him and his crew somehow made it home. After almost three years, on September 26, 1580, Francis Drake sailed back into Plymouth, where he started.


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