Sir Francis Drake

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Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

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Sir Francis Drake, was very active and a part of the Armada Battle of 1588. During this time he was a experienced/daring Seafarer. He was married to Mary Newman, when she died, two years later he married Elizabeth Sydenham. Sadly, Sir Francis Drake died at sea on one of his voyages. He was also a very famous navigator, people say he was just about at the same rank as Columbus. His clam of California, or England. It led directly to later plans to send people to live in the Colonies of America.


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Sir Francis DrakeBirth/Death: 1541-1596He lived in Tavistock, Devon.

Interesting Fact! Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world. It took him just about 3 1/2 years to go completely around the world.

To Do List:1. Sail around the world.2. Become a navigator.3. Cause the Spanish War.4. Increase knowledge of the geograph of the world.


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