[2015] Gina Lemmon: Sir Elton John

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[2015] Gina Lemmon: Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John was born March 25, 1947! His parents names are Sheila and Stanley Dwight! He was married for four years to Renate Blauel from 1984-1988. Later in Johns life he came out as a gay man a married David Furnish, together they adoped two children. Zachary and Elijah.

Sir Elton John

Elton John was raised in the Pinner area of England. He was born with the name Reginald! He learned to play piano at a early age. He has recived six grammy awards and in 2013 Billboard ranked him the most successful male solo artist! He is a huge advocate for the same sex marrige and LGBT community.

"If you love Bach, Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven, you can't help but be influenced" Elton said these fine musicians were and still are his main influence for a lot of his musical talent.

Some of Eltons most popular songs: 1. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"2. "I'm Still Standing" 3. "Tiny Dancer"

Elton John is known for drawing people into his music with a soft melody and lovely lyrics. The majority of his songs were feel good love songs! He was also known for his piano skills, and uses them to his advantage in just about every song he performs.

Some important world events going on during the height of Eltons career--19701. Richard Nixon was president.2. First ever Earth day was celebrated in the United States.3. The U.S lowers voting age to eighteen from twenty-one after Nixon signs bill.


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