Sir Edmund Hillary

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Sir Edmund Hillary

A fact

To get to the top

Tenzing Norway was the 2nd man to get to the top of M.T. Everest right after Edmund.

He had some help getting to the top, that was Tenzing Norway who lived in Nepal

What NZ liked about it

What he did

He got on the NZ $5 dollar note.

He dreamed of climbing the biggest mountain in the world

Sir Eds dream

They liked it becuase sir Edmund Hillary was a NZder and they were very proud of Edmund Hillary

When it happened

IT happened in 1953 on May the 29th.When Sir Edmund Hillary climbed M.T. Everst he was 33 years old.

I chose sir Edmund Hillary because he was the first person to climb the biggest M.T. ever

Why I chose sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man in the whole world to cimb the biggest mountain in the world: M.T. Everest


Sir Edmund Hillary helped make schools and hospitals in Himalayas