Sir Cumference And The Dragon Of Pi

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Sir Cumference And The Dragon Of Pi

Review of the story:In this book Sir Cumference is turned into a dragon. His son, Radius must find the cure for his father. Radius must give his father the perfect amount or he will stay a dragon forever. Radius takes a journey to discover the number pi.Reading Level:Ages 4-8I chose this book because it is a math adventure! I think this book would be a great supplemental material in a 9th grade Geometry class. I have done the circle experiment where students discover pi and Radius does a similar experiment to discover pi in the book. Students could also discuss how all the names are vocabulary words. This book could be used as a wonderful introduction to Pi or as a fun activity on Pi day (March 14th).

and the Dragon of Pi

Sir Cumference

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By Cindy Neuschwander



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