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Sir Charles Kingsford Smith





Significant Awards



Sir Charles Kingsford Smith was born on the 19th of February of 1897 in Hamilton, Brisbane. He died on the 8th of November in 1935 when he crashed into the sea of Burma at age 38. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith studied at St Andrews Cathedral school and later studied electricla engineering at the Sydney Technical College. He married in 1930 to Mary Powell and later had one son in 1932 called Charles Arthur Kingsford Smith. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith's substantive rank was captain and is honorary rank was Commodore.

The significance of the work that Sir Charles Kingsford Smith did was that it lead the way for commercial flights and transportation in Australia, and without his work we would not have the standard of flights and aviation company’s that we do today.With all the many things that Sir Charles Kingsford Smith had done in his life he had impacted many Australians as well as the nation as a whole. A quote from the website ‘’ summarises this point well:'When the war ended most Australians had never seen an aeroplane. Within 10 years aviation had developed further and faster here, relative to population, than in any other country in the world. Ross and Keith Smith, Charles Kingsford Smith, Bert Hinkler and others established - and broke - more record times for inter-continental and trans-ocean flights than the aviators of half-a-dozen other countries put together. ‘More importantly the 'tyranny of distance' which had so hampered Australian development for 150 years, was well on the way to being broken - at least in so far as transport of passengers and mail was concerned.'

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith fought in world war one, and in 1917 fought courageously in the Royal British Flying Corps. He was awarded the military cross for his outstanding bravery in the battles, and he was only 20 years old. With this military experience in aviation, he knew that from then on in his future would be bound by flight. His adventurous spirit enabled him to continue flying after the war and gain experience to create record-breaking flights, one of which being the first non stop flight across the pacific ocean, as well as flying from Sydney to London in only 12 days and 18 hours.‘Smithy’ as he was affectionately known, broke more records in his life than any other pilot of his day, and this gave Australian’s nation wide an inspiration for their own pioneer in aviation, as before they looked at American or British pilots. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and his fellow pilots laid down the foundations for regular commercial flights internationally. Before this, Australia was isolated from the big countries of the world such as America and London, but from Sir Charles work is now one of those big countries as well.

Personal Life

Over Sir Charles Kingsford Smiths life, he dedicated his life to his work and in doing so acquired some very prestige titles to his name. The most recognisable include:

Military Cross

Air Force Cross

Knight Bachelor

On a more family related note, the link that my family has with Sir Charles Kingsford Smith is that my Great Grandmother once dated Sir Charles Kingsford Smith for quite a while and he asked her to marry him. The only reason my Great Grandmother said no was because she didn't want to become a widow at a very early age.


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