Sioux Indians

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Sioux Indians

Cultural difference of the Sioux Indians....1. They use a winter count to tell stories about the first sonwfall each year.2. They had dances for many ceremonial celebrations.

Adaptations of the Sioux.........Since they had so many buffalo they considered it sacred. They used the buffalo to adapt to the great plains.

Sioux Indians

*They used buffalo for their winter tepees. It was cold so they keep the fur inside but in the summer they would travel then rebulid and put the fur on the outside.* The women would sew different parts of the buffalo together to make warm clothing. They would paint pictures on the clothing.* The Sioux used the meat of the buffalo for food. They would roast it on the fire for food during the winter.

Click the winter count to see more at the Smithsonian.

They did a dance called the ghost dance it lasted 12 days. It was a religious ceremony. Also it involved courage and the endurance of suffering. If it was performed greatly they belived it would bring back bison and dead people.


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