SIOP II: Building Background; Strategies

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SIOP II: Building Background; Strategies

Feature 7: Concepts are explicitly linked to to students’ background experiences. -Student's background understanding of a concept is crucial for the teacher to understand, because knowledge is built on previous knowledge.Feature 8:Provide explicit links between past learning and new concepts-The key to learning is building off of previous knowledge, so making connections between past and present teachings is vital to the learning process.

SIOP II:Building Background

Features 7 and 8

Content Word WallCreate a word wall specific to content for students to refer to as a resource. It can be displayed alphabetically or by concept.

Backwards Book WalkRead nonfiction text back to front, from the conclusion; same for headings, captions, key words; guess title of text. This encourages children to make educated guesses and sparks curiosity.

Personal Dictionaries Personal dictionaries or glossaries are created as an individual vocabulary and spelling resource. Dictionaries or glossaries could be arranged around key concepts.

Concept Definition MapA graphic organizer can be used used to discuss complex concepts and clarify meaning, as well as contect concept together with ease.

Pretest With a PartnerReview the unit exam with a partner before the content has been taught, to strengthen understanding of what is to be learned throughout the unit.






Backwards Book Walk


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