Sinking of Lusitania - 1915

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Sinking of Lusitania - 1915

May 15, 1915Sinking of LusitaniaAndre Jaurigui

The RMS Lusitania was a British ship that contained goods that were to be transported across the Atlantic Ocean

Unrestricted Submarine warfare policy - Germans were allowed to sink any ship that crossed their territory without warning no matter what the cost

Many Americans were furious and outraged about the actions of the Germans. A furious President Woodrow Wilson sent protests in Germany to try to stop this campagin. Eventually agreed to stop attacking harmless passenger ships by ending the USW policy.

There were about 2,000 passengers on the ship. 1,198 people were killed and out of those killed were 128 Americans

After the British set up a naval blockade which caused food shortages, The Germans brought back the policy in 1917 so they could establish their own n. blockade around Britain.


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