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Sinkholes Forming Under Your House

Major Facts On Sinkholes

3D Animation Of A Sinkhole

Sinkhole Distribution In Florida

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Sinkholes formed by the common phenomenon brought about the collapsing void space in the subsurface. The term sinkhole means a type of depression caused by solution in limestone (for Florida sinkholes). Sinkholes can happen from natural and from humans. Two major sinkhole types in Florida are cover-subsidence and cover-collapse. Cover-subsidence sinkholes happen slowly and occur as sediment on the top of the bedrock filters into the cavity in the bedrock. Cover-collapse sinkholes are the most dramatic and happen rapidly.

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Geologists call sinkholes "karst terrain" or areas where the type of rock below the surface can be naturally dissolved by groundwater that runs through them. One of these soluble is limestone, which is found in Florida. This makes Florida an area prone to sinkholes. As rain or water continues to run through the limestone, spaces or cavities will open up. Creating collapses in the top layer or "mantle". Sinkholes also occur from humans using mines, water-drainage or the changing the weight on the top soil. These factors can produce new sinkholes.

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