Sink or float

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Sink or float

Sink or Float??

By: Brittany Larson-Willis

Introduction: Given various objects, students will be able to analyze which items will sink and which items will float. Students will be able to identify which items will sink and which items will float based on their assumptions and/or after a series of trial and error.


Preschool - KindergartenActivity

Cognitive Development-Demonstrate awareness of cause and effect-Compare, contrast, examine, and evaluate experiences-Use past knowledge to build new knowledge

Conclusion:Children should be able to understand the concept of why some items sink and why other items float.

Assesing Students Work-Portfolios of each student-Student feedback-Video or sound recordings of the experiment

Integrating Technology


iPad's and Tablets

Physical Development -Participates actively in games-Repetitively practices new skills-Participates in cooperative games with peers

Psychological Development-Seek assistance from adults when needed-Demonstrate positive negotiation skills-Demonstrate awareness of behavior and its effects


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