Singapore's declining population

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Singapore's declining population

Encourages couples to have children as couples with children pay less income tax, enjoys subsidies for child care and receives cash gifts. Also couples with foreign domestic helpers can pay a reduced maid levy. When their children are older, there are scholarship schemes to help pay for their education. This benefits the parents as their child will have a good education without any financial problems.

Provide monetary subsidy and assistance to companies to make the work place more child friendly so that parents can bring their children and maid to the work place so that they can keep and eye on the maid and still able to work with an ease of mind.

Child Care


Cash & Incentives

Companies have a 4 month maternity leave for pregnant women with pay. Companies also allow pregnant women to work from home. This system encourages more women to have babies knowing that their work will not affect them when they are pregnant.

Maternity leave

Singapore's urban development authority has placed a limit on the number of small one-bedroom flats that can be built in an effort to curb the lifestyle and encourages people to start having babies.

Let new families stay near their parents so that the parents can look after the kids while the baby's parents have time to go to work. The government gives incentives to these new families if they live near their parents. Increasing the birth rate and encouraging couples to take care of their parents as well.


Special Housing Scheme

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